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Hard Chrome Plated Rods

Hard chrome plated rod is used for a variety of purposes in industrial machinery for the textile, paint formulation, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and automobile industries. It has a thick layer of chromium coating on top of a high grade steel alloy body to give it some unique properties.

Because of its high oil retention capacity and minimal friction generation, which leads to less wear and abrasion, this rod is in high demand from hard chrome plated rods suppliers. Additionally, this rod is renowned for its increased strength and glossy surface appearance. It is ideal for use in hydraulic operations and applications that take place in corrosive conditions.

Tecnical Specification

Material of Construction : Alloy & Carbon Steel; C45, EN8-D, EN9, EN19, EN24, EN31, Stainless Steel 300 & 400 Series, Aluminium & Others
Diameter : 12 mm to 500 mm
Length : Upto 6000 mm
Straightness : Approximately 0.1 mm/ meter
Surface Roughness : Approximately 0.1 Ra to 0.4 Ra
Run Out : Approximately 20 to 40 Microns
Tolerances : f7,f8,h6,h9,g6, & others as required(ISO Tolerances).
Chrome Plating Thickness : 20 to 200 microns/ side
Chrome Hardness : 850 HV to 1100 HV
Induction Hardness & Depth : Upto 65HRC in depth of 2 to 5 mm per side.


For domestic, within Ahmedabad – oiling, bubble wrapping & stretch film. For domestic, outside Ahmedabad – oiling, corrugated tube, bubble wrapping, hessian cloth, stretch film & wooden box if needed. For exports, anti-rust oil is on material and packed first by cardboard sleeve then in steel frame wooden box & pallets if needed.

Test Certificate

All goods will be sold with material test certificates to ensure proper quality from standard processing mills.

Inspection Report

Farmson engineers is very keen on quality & so before the material is dispatched, the material is passed through our QC department where it is inspected thoroughly & dispatched with our inspection report.

Our Product

Being the leading chrome plated rod manufacturers, we manufacture Burnished Hard Chrome Plated Rods, Induction hardened Chrome Plated Rods and Peeled Ground Bars. Our customised products include Guide Bars, Tie Bars and Nuts, Pins, Shafts and Piston Rod for Hydraulic Cylinder.

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Industries we Serve

We serve to a wide variety of industries including Injection Moulding, Printing & Rotogravure, Converting & Packing, Pneumatics, Hydraulics(Lift, Press, Cylinders), Pharmaceuticals, Blow Moulding, Agriculture, Marine, Defence, Chemical, Automotor, Oil & Gas, Construction, Textile, Extrusion and Stone Processing



10+ Years of Experience

10+ Years of Experience

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Specialized Technical Team

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Service(Urgent Deliveries)

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Everything in House

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Quality Management System

Supply With Test Certificate

Supply With Test Certificate

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from people who are interested in purchasing hard chrome plated rods from us and want to know more about our products

After pre-honing and before the honing process is complete, a very thick chromium layer is placed. This is known as hard chrome plating. The layer thickness is dependent on rod diameter and is more than 800 HV hard.

Hard chrome plated shafts and hardened hard plated chrome bars are manufactured in order to suit your special requirements for piston rod material in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and other applications.

Hard chrome plated rod is used for a variety of purposes in industrial machinery for the textile, paint formulation, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and automobile industries

Hard chrome plating can handle rigorous industrial applications and severe pressures since it measures between 68 and 72 HRC. The majority of other industrial abrasives and metallic coatings are softer than strong chrome plating.

Hard chrome plating is thicker; decorative chrome plating serves primarily as a protective coating and ornament. As a result of its strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other advantages, hard chrome plating is thicker than aesthetic chrome finishes and helpful in many industrial applications.

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